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Saudi Arabian Prince Calls for Swift Action Against Hussein

August 17, 1990

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ Saudi Arabian Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz, a brother of King Fahd, said Friday a boycott against Iraq will not work and that swift action is necessary to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

″I believe that this embargo, this boycott, is not going to be useful because you know there are many merchants of war who make their living by contributing to the escalation of war among nations,″ Turki said through an interpreter.

The prince said the best course would be for an international force to take swift military action to end Hussein’s rule.

″I think if they want to put a quick end to it, the United States knows how to do that,″ Prince Turki said. ″I am not talking about eliminating him physically or assassination, but they should put an end to his rule - to his regime because he is a bloodthirsty person and that’s his trade, he lives off blood.″

The prince, 53, made his remarks at a news conference in a lavishly decorated hotel ballroom near Harvard Square, where he and his entourage have been staying for the past two weeks. Turki said he came to Cambridge to talk with Harvard University about ways he could help enhance the school’s educational programs in medicine and human rights.

The prince, one of the king’s seven full brothers, said he did not have a clear idea how many Arab troops have joined American forces in the region.

But his political adviser, Mustafa Aziz, had said in an interview before the prince arrived at the conference that he understood about 5,000 Arab troops were there, mostly Egyptians but also Syrians and Moroccans.

In an exchange that required several attempts at clarification, the prince said that if Saddam Hussein had been at all concerned about vengeance he should have moved on the West Bank nine years ago when Israel bombed an Iraqi nuclear plant.

His translator, Zaki Aslan, said the prince was not calling for an assault on Israel, just pointing out a lack of logic in Saddam Hussein’s rationale for moving on Kuwait because the two countries were once part of the same empire.

Prince Turki said Saddam Hussein ″is a sadist and a psychotic. He enjoys killing people.″ He called him a liar for several reasons, including his overture to Iran after the deaths of thousands of Iranians in the eight-year Iran-Iraq war.

The prince, former deputy minister of defense, also said he was disappointed in King Hussein of Jordan, who met with President Bush Thursday.

″I was hoping that King Hussein would not go down and lower himself to come to the United States as an emissary of Saddam Hussein,″ he said. ″ I thought he would honor himself further if he hadn’t done so.″

King Hussein originally was believed to be carrying a message from Saddam Hussein, but he said after his meeting with Bush that he had brought no such message.

The prince was joined at the news conference Friday by his wife, Princess Hend, a son, and a daughter. They sat with dozens of reporters at a breakfast press conference, held in a ballroom decorated with elaborate flower arrangements.

The princess, who speaks English and who studied in the United States for a year, broke in pointedly two times during the news conference to demand what she thought were necessary clarifications of the translation.

Princess Hend also talked briefly with reporters. Although she declined to discuss political questions, the princess said several times that the people in her country were shocked by the invasion of Kuwait.

″Friends are worried,″ she said. ″They’re in shock. They are in a state of standby.″

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