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Eyewitness Accounts, Effects of Atlantic Storm With PM-Storms Rdp, Bjt

October 31, 1991

BOSTON (AP) _ Stranded aboard a disabled sailboat in 30-foot seas, Karen Stimpson was sure she would not see land again.

″I’ve made a lot of ocean voyages, but this is the first time I actually thought I was going to die,″ said Stimpson, a 40-year-old graphic designer rescued by the Coast Guard 70 miles south of Nantucket on Wednesday.

She said she wrote farewells to her friends and family and sealed them in a plastic sandwich bag.

Seas were so rough that three Coast Guard crewmen on the dramatic rescue mission had to be rescued themselves by helicopter when the battered 32-foot Satori bound from Portland, Maine, to Bermuda started taking on water.


NAGS HEAD, N.C. (AP) - The landscape changes an Atlantic storm caused along North Carolina’s barrier islands surprised Jean Acree.

″The sand around my house is level with the beach. There’s no dune. As long as I live, I’d never have expected to see anything like this,″ she said early today.

The storm exposed a shipwreck that washed ashore on the Outer Banks in 1962. She watched the wreckage float toward her and break up just before hitting her house.

″I looked up and saw waves breaking on the dune line. Water was being thrown into the air 20 to 30 feet. I can’t describe the beauty of it and yet the incredible destructive force. How lucky I was.″


WESTHAMPTON BEACH, N.Y. (AP) - This village of million-dollar summer homes owned by celebrities such as Cher and composer Marvin Hamlisch was hit hard by the storm.

Six houses in an area impassable by road for two years because of previous flooding washed out to sea Wednesday, officials said.

Tides at least eight feet higher than normal flooded about 50 houses, while more than 100 other houses resting on six- to 12-foot stilts escaped serious damage.

Westhampton is 70 miles east of New York City.


SANDBRIDGE, Va. (AP) - Daryl and Tina Schoellman said the storm forced them to evacuate their house just two weeks after they moved from Dallas to Virginia Beach.

″We got everything out yesterday,″ Schoellman said today.

The ocean washed out several pilings beneath their home, but left it standing.

Flood waters damaged up to a dozen houses in the area, fording condemnation of two homes in Sandbridge, just south of Virginia Beach.

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