Realtor: Downtown a healthy market for office space, but parking issues persist

December 3, 2018

After “many years of going the other way,” decisions by multiple businesses to locate or relocate in downtown Fort Wayne reveal a healthy market for office space, long-time commercial Realtor Steven Zacher said today during a presentation for the Downtown Rotary Club.

Zacher said the recent moves by SIRVA, Aptera, Shindigz and other companies underscore a trend when considered with other projects often seen only individually.

“When you put it all together, you realize the magnitude” of the changes occuring, he said.

But with the good news, Zacher said, issues remain to be resolved, chiefly parking for workers.

Downtown office space also tends to cost more than other space outside downtown, he said, but some of that cost may be offset by changes in office design which require less space per person and the fact that more employees are working remotely, including from home, which cuts the amount of space required.

And there’s the rising cost for construction of new space, which can make renovating existing space more attractive, he said.


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