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Wash. Revokes ‘Prozac’ Dr.’s License

June 2, 1999

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) _ A psychologist who gained notoriety as the ``pied piper of Prozac″ because of his aggressive promotion of the antidepressant drug lost his license to practice on Tuesday.

The Washington state Health Department’s Examining Board of Psychology had charged Dr. James Goodwin with unprofessional conduct for failing to comply with a 1996 disciplinary order that he enter into an agreement with an adviser to monitor his practice.

In its order on Tuesday, the board called Goodwin’s conduct unprofessional and wrote that revoking his license is ``the only sanction that sufficiently protects the public.″

Goodwin, 52, said he planned to appeal in federal court in hopes of winning back his license. He also said he would continue to see patients as a mental health therapist.

Goodwin contends he has followed the wishes of the examining board, and he added: ``There are people on the licensing board running psychology in this state who are mentally ill and causing many of us problems.″

Goodwin has been in practice in the north-central Washington city of Wenatchee since 1989.

In the early 1990s, he attracted widespread attention for his belief that everyone suffers from at least some level of depression and would benefit from a combination of antidepressants and therapy.

In December 1993, the licensing board accused Goodwin of breaching patient confidentiality, diagnosing patients without adequate evaluation, pressuring patients into taking Prozac and retaliating against a psychologist who protested his treatment methods.

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