Police: Stratford teen tried to rob driver

March 26, 2019

STRATFORD — Police arrested a teenager Sunday after they said he tried to rob a man at the 7-11 in Paradise Green.

The 16-year-old male was charged as a juvenile with attempted third-degree robbery and second-degree breach of peace.

“The investigation started when a victim’s car was physically hit several times by the juvenile as he was entering the parking lot of the business,” Capt. Frank Eannotti said in a prepared statement. “The juvenile confronted the victim and demanded that he pay him and he stated that he was going to assault the victim and take his car keys.”

“After verbally harassing the victim the juvenile suspect entered the victim’s car and attempted to steal items from within,” Eannotti said. “The victim confronted the juvenile at which time the suspect climbed on top of the victim’s car before fleeing the area.”

“Officers located the suspect a short time later on Main Street near Brewster Street while investigating a group of juveniles walking in the travel portion of the road impeding traffic flow,” Eannotti said. “The suspect was immediately identified and arrested for the incident at the 7-11.”

Defendants charged as juveniles in Connecticut are not identified publicly, and court proceedings against them are kept secret.