Joy A. Mundy: Proof of agenda

February 7, 2019

Editor: I am writing in response to James Koehler’s letter to the editor in yesterday’s paper. He commented it was absurd that our government, or a state government would have a “death panel”. He was declaring that another letter writer was bringing up the “old canard” in regards to death panels when the Affordable Care Act was being debated. No, Mr. Koehler, there may have been no “death panels”, but as a breast cancer survivor depending on Medicare I can tell you that my doctor no longer is allowed to determine my course of treatment. He fought Medicare for three months to put me on a new chemo drug…denied, denied, denied. Here I am back fighting cancer again after Medicare would only allow an older drug. Mr. Koehler you choose to interpret what Virginia will do with their end of term legislation and ignored the governor’s comments. His interpretation already has a baby born and awaiting a discussion whether it would live or die

As for you not believing there is a “Democratic fascist agenda” lets take a step back and look at what Obama did when he was barely in office. Obama began labeling our police officers as racist and before investigations were completed on the Ferguson shooting he basically labeled the officer a murderer. This occurred with more than one police involved shooting, Obama made himself the “jury”. His rhetoric fired up the Black Lives Movement, and visions of the Black Panthers came across our TV screen when the famous Beyoncé put on her disgusting super bowl half time show dressed in the Black Panther garb. As a retired police officer I can tell you that our police officers are at war. Never in the history of policing have officers faced the kind of negative press that came out of the Obama presidency, and a President who labeled them racist. Then sent Attorney General Eric Holder out to investigate police departments at an all time high. I am a retired Seattle Police officer, the investigation into the claim of “excessive force” ended up without merit, but the department ended up spending millions because Obama’s Attorney General decided that the department needed more training and a civilian overseer despite the positive outcome of the investigation.

When a government undermines its guardians, police officers, and provides funding that allows for making life and death decisions about a newborn — a breathing, living, viable child — we truly have reached an all time low in our history.

Joy A. Mundy

Lake Havasu City

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