Region’s skiers are getting to ‘shred the pow’

February 20, 2019

Words like epic are sometimes tossed about without merit by winter sports enthusiasts.

But if you pay attention to social media posts by skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers or the snow reports from regional ski areas, you’ve likely heard about the “epic pow” that dropped on the Pacific Northwest this week.

The snow totals are impressive, and more is on the way.

“Epic deepness right now” says an email headline from Brundage Mountain Resort where 40 inches of freshy, freshy pow pow as snow lovers sometimes call it, has accumulated over the last week.

“At this point, your local powder hounds have some pretty sore quads right now. It’s just been day after day of amazing powder,” said Brundage spokeswoman April Russell. “The nice thing is we keep getting more snow. It looks like through the weekend we are going to get a couple of fresh inches every day, so it really is the perfect storm.”

More than 30 inches of pow piled up over a 72-hour stretch at Schweitzer Mountain near Sandpoint this week. Silver Mountain near Kellogg got more than 2 feet in two days.

And it’s not just the ski resorts, which tend to occupy high-elevation peaks. Lowland areas are swimming in snow as well. Take Winchester Lake State Park and its burgeoning cross-country ski program. In modern times of climate change, Winchester is often caught between rain and snow or in a brutal snow-and-melt cycle that results in an on-again, off-again winter. Well, this week it’s on. More than a foot of snow has accumulated there so far, and more is predicted.

Assistant Park Manager Steven Kuskie jumped on his snowmobile groomer Monday morning to make beautiful corduroy trails in the fresh powder. He was finished by the time I showed up for an early afternoon tour of the Lakeside and Whitetail trails. While there was still a nice firm base, the corduroy Kuskie had only recently laid down was buried in an inch of new snow.

“Everything has filled in well and combed out good,” he said Wednesday when it snowed another six inches.

So my advice is take the following advice from Russell whether you like to snowmobile, snowshoe, cross-country ski or shred the pow at your local resort.

“You can’t pass up these kind of conditions when they are here.”