Caring & Sharing receives donation from Hemingway Food Lion

May 3, 2019

HEMINGWAY, S.C. – Caring & Sharing in Hemingway received a $4,200 donation Thursday from Food Lion in Hemingway.

The nonprofit organization provides food, medicine, utilities and other services to more than 800 families per week in Williamsburg and Georgetown counties and most of Florence County.

Larry Barner, assistant store manager at the Food Lion in Hemingway said he thanks Caring & Sharing for all it does for the community.

“It’s just a blessing to our community and we’re glad to be able to contribute,” Barner said.

Carl Harmon, who is the director of Caring & Sharing, said Food Lion is a big part of the organization.

“They not only give us grants from time to time, but also help with food daily,” Harmon said. “And we couldn’t do what we do without them. We appreciate them so much.”

The donation of $4,200 will be used to buy food, Harmon said. The organization gets and distributes about 450,000 pounds of food a year. Harmon said it takes a lot to do that, but Food Lion is a good help.

Caring & Sharing board member Elaine Pope said a lot of hard work is put into the organization.

“And if it wasn’t that we were working for the Lord, we wouldn’t be doing it,” Pope said. “But we feel like we’re doing a real service for people who need it and for God.”

There are so many people who are in need in the Hemingway area, said Christine Cameron, also a board member.

“And it does my heard good to just be able to work with Caring & Sharing and know that Food Lion helps us out so much,” Cameron said.