Letter to the Editor: Legalizing marijuana not the right decision

December 17, 2018

Legalizing marijuana not the right decisionApparently a majority of people in Connecticut favor the legalization of marijuana in our state. Our governor elect Ned Lamont also favors the legalization of recreational marijuana. Lamont says he doesn’t “want the black market controlling marijuana distribution in our state,” adding how he thinks “that’s a lousy way to go.”I’m a former cigarette smoker who quit cold turkey 29 years ago. Smoking was ruining my health and the health of my family who had to breathe in secondhand smoke. I tried marijuana three times back in the ’70s and each time it made me physically ill so I decided that it wasn’t for me. Pipes and cigars just didn’t do it for me so I became smoke-free and what a health blessing it was.Now I read that marijuana contains four times the tar of tobacco. Tar causes cancer as we all know so why would Ned Lamont want to jeopardize the health of Connecticut citizens? Just so they can get high? It couldn’t possibly be a plan to keep voters in a tranquilized state so that they ignore the goings on in Hartford, could it?Ned Lamont wanting to further endanger the health of Connecticut voters I think is “a lousy way to go.”Kim RasemanMilford

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