Trump signs Hungry Horse author’s book

September 26, 2018

A Hungry Horse woman recently received a letter from President Donald Trump and first lady Melania after she sent her book to the president’s office.

Yvonne Morris spent about three years penning her Christian book “Daughter, No One Called My Name,” which chronicles her life and her salvation through Jesus Christ. When she finished it earlier this summer, Morris sent the book to Trump’s office.

A few weeks ago, she received an autographed note from the first couple.

“That you for your kind words and the thoughtful gift. Melania and I deeply appreciate your support. We are so fortunate to live in a country where the freedom of religion and the word of God is both celebrated and respected.

“Your prayers mean so much to us, and we are grateful for your generous gift and support.”

It’s then signed by President Trump.

Morris’ book chronicles a tough life. She saw abuse from her father growing up in Refugio, Texas, went on to be a model (she even dated Clint Eastwood, she said) and even did a stint in federal prison.

Through it all, she said the Lord saw her through thick and thin.

“I’ve read the Bible several times,” she said. “Jesus speaks to me.”

She said she was “saved” about six years ago.

The cover of the book features a picture of Morris in a bikini, a photo that was taken about 20 years ago, she said.

Why the provocative cover?

“This book is for unbelievers,” she said. “Unbelievers don’t pick up the Bible.”

The takeaway message of the book?

“The rapture is coming soon and you need to be saved,” she said.

Morris’s book is available on Amazon.com

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