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Magazine Says Farmers Don’t Like Rural TV Shows

July 3, 1985

RADNOR, Pa. (AP) _ When farm families sit down in front of the television, they are more likely to watch the latest episode of ″Dallas″ than reruns of ″Green Acres,″ according to TV Guide magazine.

″We know all about that (rural life),″ says farmer-writer Noel Perrin of Hanover, N.H., in the July 6 issue of the magazine. ″What we don’t know about is the life of the very rich.″

Perrin, who teaches English at Dartmouth College, said the clear favorite in rural New Hampshire is ″Dallas,″ with other shows popular among farmers being ″Dynasty″ and ″Knots Landing.″

″We’re very mainstream here,″ said Perrin.

He said farm families are a bit more prudish than the average Americans and don’t necessarily like the seamier drama offered by some programs.

Because they arise early and generally retire early, and because they often don’t have cable hookups, farm families usually watch less TV than average Americans, TV Guide said.

However, farmers often can be found before the tube between noon and 2 p.m. - their dinner hour - watching a farm show, the news or a soap opera, the magazine said.

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