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Slain Student Tried to Sever Ties with Abusive Boyfriend

August 14, 1996

GLASSBORO, N.J. (AP) _ Three months before being gunned down by her abusive ex-boyfriend in a parking lot, Cindy Nannay asked prosecutors to drop domestic violence charges against him.

Scott Lonabaugh, 27, killed himself after fatally shooting Nannay, 22, on Monday on the campus of Rowan College of New Jersey.

Nannay was apprehensive about meeting Lonabaugh, so she asked two co-workers to accompany her when he came to return some of her belongings.

They watched in horror as Lonabaugh pulled out a shotgun and fired.

``I didn’t think there was going to be anything violent at all,″ said Frank Hogan, manager of the college radio staion where Nannay worked.

Nannay had moved onto campus 10 days earlier after ending her live-in relationship with Lonabaugh. He was returning some of her belongings.

Her last wish, according to her mother, Grace Nannay, was for Lonabaugh to ``get the help he needed to get his life back together.″ Authorities said she dropped domestic violence charges against him because he was seeking medical attention.

On April 30, Lonabaugh had threatened to kill Nannay at their home in Gloucester City, holding a 13-inch knife to her throat and tying her hands with a scarf, police said. A police officer forced his way into the house and subdued Lonabaugh.

Lonabaugh was charged with making terroristic threats and Nannay obtained a restraining order, said Greg Reinert, a spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

But the restraining order was dropped on May 7 and two days later Nannay wrote a letter asking prosecutors to dismiss the charge as well.

Instead, the charge was downgraded to simple assault and the case was returned to Gloucester City where it was pending.

``We did everything we possibly could,″ said Gloucester City Police Lt. William James.