Ohio Senate committee pushes changes to transportation bill

March 19, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio Senate committee has proposed changes to the state transportation budget bill including reducing fees on electric and hybrid vehicles, while leaving the House’s proposed gas-tax increase in the bill for now.

But Senate officials say more changes in addition to those proposed Tuesday by the transportation committee will be made in key revenue portions of the bill. Republican Senate President Larry Obhof has expressed reservations about gas-tax increases proposed by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine and by the House.

DeWine proposes increasing the current 28-cents-per-gallon tax by 18 cents a gallon, adjusting it annually for inflation.

The House bill calls for increasing the tax by 10.7 cents per gallon over two years and the diesel tax by 20 cents per gallon over three years. DeWine says that isn’t enough.