Participants sought for flu vaccine research

August 30, 2018

NORFOLK - Meridian Clinical Research in Norfolk is looking for participants to take part in an influenza vaccine study.

Dr. Keith Vrbicky with Midwest Health Partners says the study is looking for both children six months and older, and adults 65 and over.

Dr. Vrbicky says clinical research helps develop better treatments for patients in Norfolk and for people worldwide.

He says this is a safe procedure.

“Typically there’s three to four phases of a trial. Phase one and two have always been done in smaller populations proving their safety and effectiveness, and most of our trials here are phase three meaning they have been proven safe and effective and now they’re looking at a broader population to get broader numbers” Dr. Vrbicky said.

He says compensation for time and travel may be available to those who qualify.

He says also if you don’t qualify for the study you can enroll a family member or friend and will receive a $25.00 reward card.

If you or someone you know is interested stop by the Meridian Clinical Research offices.

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