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Profile of NBA Union Director

October 12, 1998

G. WILLIAM HUNTER, Executive Director of the NBPA.

AGE: 54.

EDUCATION: Syracuse University, Howard University Law School, University of California at Berkeley Law School.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Joined the players’ union in 1996 after being in private practice as a defense lawyer and entertainment industry litigator. Was appointed U.S. Attorney for Northern California in 1977.

PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: Prosecuted surviving members of Jim Jones’ cult and members of the Hell’s Angels. Persuaded president Jimmy Carter to pardon Patricia Hearst. Played in the NFL for Washington and Miami. Won reinstatement of Latrell Sprewell’s contract and the shortening of his suspension.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: A native of Cherry Hill, N.J., he is viewed as an ambitious and assertive fighter. Somewhat of a micromanager, he has tried to keep players informed and unified.

SALARY: About $675,000.

EMPLOYEES: Approximately 25.

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