Media must expose Trump’s Iran plans -- Dan Thomson

May 22, 2019

Our talking heads on the news shows sound like they have all lost their minds.

We have suspected for some time that President Donald Trump would want to start a war to get the country behind him. President Trump wants to stay out of jail.

The talking heads are telling us now that President Trump doesn’t want a war because he ran on a platform of no stupid wars. Trump has recorded 10,000 lies. So why are they trusting something Trump told his loyal dupes -- I mean supporters.

President Trump hired John Bolton knowing that Bolton never knew a war he didn’t like unless he could be drafted into it. So when an aircraft carrier group is sent to the Persian Gulf to stir up trouble, we should expect trouble.

Of course President Trump wants it to look like circumstances drew him in.

Sometimes we predict things in the hopes that putting light on them will stop them from happening. Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh prevented George W. Bush from starting a war with Iran by predicting it. That made it impossible for Bush to claim it was only the result of circumstances. Our talking heads should be doing that right now.

Dan Thomson, Madison

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