LETTER: Credit Trump for defense appropriation bill

September 5, 2018

John McCain’s “no” vote in the Senate stopped 49 Republican “yes” votes from repealing Obamacare. John McCain delivered the Steele dossier to the former FBI director, James Comey. This is the document used to create the Mueller probe. That probe is the way most Democrats hope to use to remove President Trump from office. McCain said anyone who doesn’t like what he did can “go to hell.”

The 700-some-billion-dollar appropriations bill updating our military does bear McCain’s name. I do understand why President Trump didn’t mention McCain’s name when he signed the bill.

What I don’t understand is why Trump didn’t state this truth: McCain had little, if anything to do with getting Congress’s writing and passing the bill while Trump had almost everything to do with it. Trump campaigned on restoration of the military that President Obama allowed to deteriorate and he persuaded Congress to pass it as a single bill instead of in a general budget bill. And he promised to seek a slightly higher amount next year. - Jim Hoey, Le Mars, Iowa

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