Aiken Regional announces restrictions on hospital visitations during flu season

January 11, 2019

Aiken Regional Medical Centers announced on Monday that temporary restrictions will be placed on hospital visitations to protect their patients from the flu.

While these restrictions are in effect, children age 12 and younger will not be permitted to visit friends and family in the hospital, according to a press release.

Children age 12 and younger will only be allowed in patient areas at Aiken Regional if they require medical attention, or if they are visiting the Labor and Delivery area, which is exempt from the restriction.

“In an effort to help prevent the spread of influenza virus and other circulating respiratory illnesses, we have implemented the clinically appropriate infection control precautions to keep not only patients and visitors healthy, but staff members, too,” said Aiken Regional Medical Centers Chief Operating Officer Matt Merrifield in the press release.

Family and friends of patients at Aiken Regional have been advised not to visit if they are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, as viruses can spread very easily to patients with weakened immune systems and turn into serious illnesses or infections.

The press release also asks visitors to wash or sanitize their hands frequently and cover sneezes and coughs. Anyone seeking medical treatment at the hospital or visiting a patient should ask for a mask if they have a cough.

Currently there is no set date for when restrictions will be lifted, according to Aiken Regional staff. The hospital will continue to monitor the number of flu cases closely as the season progresses.

Flu season in the United States generally peaks between December and February and lasts from October until May, according to the Center for Disease Control.

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