Steve Kerr says ‘I don’t want to be here anyway’ when ejected from preseason game

October 9, 2018

The preseason in any sport can get tiresome, fast. The NBA has just a week to go before kicking off the real season, but that didn’t stop Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr from expressing how he truly felt as he debated the referees over a spate of foul calls Monday.

Kerr walked onto the court to defend Steph Curry after he drew a technical foul for arguing with the refs against the Phoenix Suns. Kerr was then tossed, and according to ESPN, replays showed Kerr saying, “I don’t want to be here anyway,” as he walked away.

The Warriors, winners of three of the last four NBA titles, probably don’t need preseason to warm themselves up for the upcoming 82-game slate.

The drama actually centered on the Warriors being dinged for six offensive fouls early on. That’s what Curry was upset about, which led to his technical.

Kerr confirmed he went onto the court after that trying to get ejected.

“Yes,” Kerr said. “I was trying to make a point, and I was trying to back up my guys. We had all these offensive fouls, one after another. And I finally had enough.”

Kerr later said he “was in the wrong, obviously,” and the refs were right to throw him out.

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