Letter: Consider what’s best for all human beings, not political parties

November 7, 2018

Something for everyone to consider and think about.

Perhaps, never in the history of our nation has it been so divided except maybe just prior to our War of Independence or the Civil War. Our division today is not over remaining a colony of England or being independent, not over slave or free state, not over states’ rights or federal power, but rather over political power. Today, we are asked by candidates and the media to decide which political party we favor, and therefore to vote for the candidate of that party.

I propose that is the wrong approach. Rather, we must consider what is best for every human being, born or unborn. It should no make a difference what color of skin, what religion we adhere to, what our economic status is, what nationality we are, whether young or old or whether we are criminal, sinner (we are all sinners) or saint. Everyone is a child of God, therefore we are all equal in His sight.

We must also know that corporations and businesses are not a creation of God; they are creations of humans. Because of this we must consider what is best for all humans and treat all humans as children of God and never consider corporations, businesses and power of any kind as equal to any human. Even though, corporations and businesses give people employment and jobs, they are also to give their employees living wages, respect, proper working conditions and consideration due their human dignity.

Bernard F. McNab, St. Charles

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