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New Polish Ambassador to Washington Named

June 21, 1990

WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ Poland named Kazimierz Dziewanowski, a longtime opposition journalist as its new ambassador to the United States on Wednesday, the state news agency reported.

Dziewanowski, 59, was assistant editor of Soldarity’s weekly newspaper, Tygodnik Solidarnosc, in 1981 when the weekly was edited by Tadeusz Mazowiecki, now Poland’s prime minister.

The ambassador-designate also participated in talks in 1989 that led to the legalization of Solidarity and the holding of largely democratic elections in Poland.

President Wojciech Jaruzelski nominated Dziewanowski to the post, according to the PAP news agency.

Dziewanowski succeeds Jan Kinast, who has served as ambassador to Washington since March 1988 when Poland and the United States restored full diplomatic relations following a five-year interruption.

Dziewanowski said in an interview Wednesday evening that he expects to take up his post sometime in mid-July.

″I think it is very important to try to change the image of our embassy in Washington because it was not a very good image. I am not for making any accusations, but it was so, and now we would like to change it,″ he said.

He said he planned to work in two directions to improve Poland’s image.

″The first is American public opinion, Congress, mass media, intellectual circles and so on; and the second is (with) Americans of Polish descent.

″We would like very much to get into close contact with them and to help to improve things which were done very badly in the last 40 years. This is very important,″ he said.

Dziewanowski joked that he was a little daunted by the assignment.

″If you would like to know the truth, I would say that between the Vistula and the Potomac you could hardly find another man as frightened as I am now. This is a very important job.″

But he added that along with other new appointees to the embassy staff, he expected to be able to improve Poland’s image.

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