Jordan Nicely of Hurricane is Boy Gamer of the Week

February 14, 2019
Luke Nelson, left, Revved Up Fitness Coach at Teays Physical Therapy Center Inc., presents the Gamer of the Week award to Jordan Nicely, right, of Hurricane High School.

Teays Physical Therapy Center Inc. and the Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s male Gamer of the Week to senior Jordan Nicely of Hurricane High School.

Since starting basketball at 4 years old, Jordan has maximized his time spent on the court. Now as a senior he has developed into a consistent player for the Redskins. He and his teammates have been continuing their success especially on the road. In their recent game at Huntington, Jordan contributed 16 points to help secure the win against the Highlanders, 66-57. Hurricane has improved to 15-3 on the season with success against conference opponents such as Riverside and Parkersburg. Along the way, they took down their cross-county rival Winfield as well. Thus far, Jordan has averaged 16 points per game and looks to continue his positive impact as the post season approaches.

To explain the success he has had so far, Jordan recognized his teammates, friends and coaches. “We’ve played together for many years, and we have a lot of experience when we’re on the court together” he says. “Being together helps a lot, we are tough to beat when we play as a team.”

The experienced guard explains that playing alongside his friends is what he loves most about the sport. His coach Lance Sutherland said that Jordan has been a great addition to the team since he returned from Teays Valley Christian. “He’s a great shooter. He sees the floor really well and excels under pressure” Sutherland added.

Jordan spoke about his parents when asked about his inspiration. “They sacrifice a lot for me,” he explained. Despite working long hours, his father Shane manages to be there to support him and is even involved with coaching. His mother helps a lot with the day-to-day necessities to make sure Jordan has everything he needs.

Nicely holds a 3.17 GPA leading into his final semester at HHS. After graduation he plans to continue his athletic career on the collegiate level. He currently has options such as Kentucky Christian, WV Wesleyan, and Glenville State, but is keeping his options open. He is unsure of what he wants to study but does know that he wants to be involved in coaching in the future.

Please look for other local high school athletes to be named in next week’s male Gamer of the Week Sponsored by Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald.

Luke Nelson B.S. in Health Sciences, is a RevvedUp Fitness Coach at Teays Physical Therapy Center.