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Hall’s Father, Stepmother Talked About Son’s Injury on Show

July 5, 1996

Todd Hall’s head injury once landed his parents on ``Nightline″ for a segment on health insurance in which his father lamented that the family would be ruined financially if they had to pay all the bills.

James and Judie Hall complained in the Sept. 23, 1992 show that they had been left with thousands of dollars in medical bills from their son’s 1987 skateboard accident when Blue Cross and Blue Shield of West Virginia was declared insolvent in 1990.

Hall, who was in a coma and then had a lobotomy as a result of the accident, allegedly set fire to a box of firecrackers Wednesday inside the Ohio River Fireworks store in Scottown, Ohio, causing a fire that killed eight shoppers and injured 12.

Hall was charged with involuntary manslaughter. A judge on Friday ordered that he be examined to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

In the Nightline episode, host Ted Koppel introduced the couple, saying their son Todd had suffered brain damage in the accident, according to a transcript provided by ABC News.

``This was a very devastating injury,″ James Hall said. ``We stayed at the hospital, slept on the floor, about six weeks.″

Koppel said Blue Cross paid for most of Todd Hall’s treatments but left the Halls in debt when the West Virginia plan went under.

He said the Halls’ new plan was balking at paying the bill because the couple’s claims were in litigation. The family earlier had filed a lawsuit against the skateboard manufacturer, claiming the skateboard was defective.

A settlement was reached in 1994, but terms of the agreement were unclear.

``It’s hard for me to tell you what has been paid and what hasn’t. The last facility he was in, in Houston, I know that bill is $450,000, that nothing’s been paid on that,″ Mrs. Hall said on the show.

Her husband said that if the bills ``get dumped on us, I mean, financially, we’re ruined for the rest of our lives.″

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