Five good minutes with Tanner Farmer: On the reaction to his goal of winning the national championship

September 4, 2018


Five good minutes: Tanner Farmer, Offensive lineman

Year: Senior

Hometown: Highland, Illinois

Depth chart: No. 1 at right guard

Career games played: 19

Of note: Farmer is one of three senior starters on the O-line, along with Jerald Foster and Cole Conrad. In high school, he was a two-time individual state champion in wrestling. Farmer has already earned his degree in nutrition, exercise and health science.

On his favorite part of practice: “I just love being a part of a football team. I just love the camaraderie of it and just being able to be out there and make yourself better, and help making your teammates better.”

On being at the front of the line during the Tunnel Walk: “My locker is right by the door, so I was up front with coach (Scott) Frost. It was awesome. It was an amazing experience. They did a whole bunch of stuff to the Tunnel Walk, and it was really cool, and you get really pumped up and zoned in and you’re just ready to play.”

On the reaction to his comments before the season began about wanting to win the national championship: “I had a lot of people who liked that. Before the game I was hearing a lot of very excited, positive people. A lot of people seem to like that. That’s just the mentality that I’m taking right now. That’s how I want to be, and I appreciate the support from the people outside. Everybody wants to win it. Nobody is setting low goals. We’re all in it together.”

Three things most people don’t know about me:

1. I like to grow plants.

2. I enjoy reading, and have read the Harry Potter books multiple times.

3. I want to be a football coach or strength and conditioning coach.

— Brent C. Wagner

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