IHSAA shoots down multiplier

May 1, 2019

A proposal to institute a 1.65 multiplier to private schools was unceremoniously panned by Indiana High School Athletic Association Commissioner Bobby Cox and voted down 18-1 by the executive committee at Monday’s Board of Directors meeting in Indianapolis, but Porter County Conference administrators who authored the plan believe the effort served a basic purpose in having their voice heard.

“We got our message out and we found that many people support the same,” South Central principal Ben Anderson said Monday night. “I was pleasantly surprised to see that our proposal gained 34 percent support across the state from principals and athletic directors (in a straw poll that is not monitored). Clearly, many others feel similar to us.”

The idea, modeled after what the Illinois High School Association does, would multiply a private school’s enrollment by 1.65 to determine the class in which the school will play sports. Anderson, who attended the meeting with Boone Grove principal Clay Corman, sensed the deck was stacked against them and their cause when Cox stood and spoke out against the proposal just prior to the board vote.

“To vote yes right after the commissioner said it would open the IHSAA to litigation would cause hurt feelings,” Anderson said. “Bobby asked all the PCC administrators to raise their hands, then continued to criticize the proposal and try to get people to criticize along with him. There were just a couple private schools that jumped on that bandwagon though, but Clay and I stepped up to defend the proposal, along with some other local administrators.”

Probably the most unfortunate takeaway for Anderson was the fact that two PCC athletic directors Dave Amor (LaCrosse) and John Steinhilber (Hebron) are committee members.

″...And only one voted for it?” Anderson said.

Amor cast the lone support.

As for what’s next, Anderson said they’ll assess the situation at the next principal/athletic director meeting.

“I don’t think it’s a dead issue,” he said.