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November 5, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ Redbook wasn’t sure how subscribers would feel about a cover featuring Pierce Brosnan and his girlfriend as she breast-fed their son, so the magazine put out two different covers for the first time.

The December issue that hit newsstands here Wednesday shows the breast-feeding photo while subscribers got a picture of the couple as Keely Shaye Smith simply holds the baby.

The magazine’s editor in chief, Kate White, said the breast-feeding shot really moved her.

``I just thought the cover would really connect to readers that the people on the cover were a family, a couple,″ she said. ``There’s such tenderness in the photo and it grabs you. That’s what you’re going for when you put something on the newsstand.″

She added: ``I know there’s some people who are uncomfortable with breast-feeding. I did not want to force that on anyone who is a subscriber.″

The magazine was mailed this week to about 2.1 million subscribers who make up about 75 percent of Redbook’s circulation. It will hit newsstands nationwide later this week.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) _ Grammy-winning gospel singer Kirk Franklin is suing for $2.25 million over a headfirst fall into an orchestra pit last year.

Franklin, 27, was in a coma for several days and suffered slurred speech, headaches, an irregular heartbeat, temporary paralysis and other injuries, the lawsuit said.

His suit, filed Oct. 28 in Circuit Court, claims he fell in a dimly lit area as he walked to his dressing room from a stage at the Cook Convention Center. He’s suing the management, Spectacor Management Group, the city of Memphis and Shelby County, both owners of the convention center.

Franklin said he was forced to cancel tour and TV appearances for about a month after the fall on Nov. 1, 1996, depriving him of income.

``We’re very sorry that the incident happened,″ said Pierre Landaiche, general manager of the center.


PARIS (AP) _ A court Wednesday ordered Brigitte Bardot’s ex-husband and his publisher to pay her $8,700 in damages for invading her privacy in a kiss-and-tell book.

But the court threw out her request to seize copies of Jacques Charrier’s ``My Answer to BB,″ published by Michel Lafon. The book tells his side of their three-year marriage that ended in divorce in 1962.

The court ruled that Charrier broke France’s tough privacy laws by publishing steamy letters Bardot wrote to him. His book also included a graphic account of their love life.

Charrier and the former movie star had one child, Nicolas. He joined Charrier in successfully suing Bardot for $43,000 for invading their privacy in her memoir ``Initiales BB.″

Bardot wrote that she was devastated to discover she was pregnant and felt the fetus was like a ``tumor growing inside me.″ She accused Charrier of being abusive, temperamental and a heavy drinker.


NEW YORK (AP) _ This was quite an audition: the real Kramer vs. Kramer wannabes.

Kenny Kramer, the model for the chatty eccentric Cosmo Kramer on ``Seinfeld,″ was trying to find actors who could replace him to lead tourists to Manhattan hangouts from the hit NBC show.

When he first spoke to one hopeful, Jim Fromewick, ``I couldn’t get him off the phone,″ Kramer said in Wednesday’s Daily News.

``That was exactly the applicant I was looking for,″ said Kramer, a standup comic looking for more time to take his one-man show on the road.

Fromewick is the probable shoo-in but Kramer held auditions anyway at a small theater. A handful of people, including two women, showed up to play him on the tours he has led for two years.

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