Change now, or our institutions will crumble

October 8, 2018

The public’s confidence in our institutions is at an all-time low. The current approach of dividing the public to support one view or another is undermining our democracy.

This country needs immediate systematic change that prevents our institutions, including the media, from being hijacked to support or to destroy a particular political party or person. Otherwise, the costly political wars will never stop, regardless of which party is in power. The real question is how to require our leaders to focus on their own job performance rather than someone else’s and to stop wasting time and money. We, as citizens, are sick of paying the tab without any productive results.

Kathleen Reyes

Santa Fe

Hail to theatergoers

I was a volunteer for Theatre Walk Santa Fe 2018. Unfortunately, I missed the 2017 walk. I’m what would be called a “transplant,” going on 22 years now, and have a theater background. My early years here left me disappointed with the status of theater at that time. Certainly, I saw outstanding productions at the Santa Fe Playhouse; however, what was and continues to some degree to be obvious is that art and music prevail.

As a volunteer, I listened to so many positive comments from many of the hundreds in attendance on the Theatre Walk. The beauty of it all, in my opinion, is having some 22 theater venues working cooperatively to keep theater very much alive, well and growing in Santa Fe. Kudos to the Theatre Santa Fe organization board for making this possible. If you missed it this year, sorry. I do hope you will attend next year.

Pat Goehe

Santa Fe

Shelter deserves better

My wife and I have no connection with the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, except that we use its wonderful dog park and occasionally send small contributions.

I read the two-part front-page articles in The New Mexican (“ Saving lives, bleeding cash,” Sept. 23; “Three insider deals draw scrutiny,” Sept. 24), and Executive Director Jennifer Steketee’s rebuttal (“Santa Fe animal shelter is ‘crown jewel’ in New Mexico,” Commentary, Sept. 30).

Frankly, I think The New Mexican’s articles were a hatchet job, based almost entirely on the complaints of a disgruntled board member and compounded by repeating the same information breathlessly twice. I am not sure what The New Mexican has against the animal shelter, but these articles showed a definite unfriendly bias and were not up to your usual standards.

John Schoemer

Santa Fe

Speaking up

Robert Geller’s criticism of the Lannan Foundation’s lecture season (“Hearing all sides,” Letters to the Editor, Oct. 1), is overdrawn. He’s found “three to four” Lannan programs that “assert Israel’s inhumanity … another series that defines and supports anti-Semitism.” Really? No one else knows ahead of time what these speakers will say. Is he profiling? There are three Arab-sounding names among the 24 scheduled speakers and interviewers; does he assume all Arabs are anti-Semitic? Only one of these is a Palestinian, in any case. There is one Israeli speaker critical of Israel who probably worries Geller, but Israeli historian Ilan Pappé does not propagate anti-Semitism.

Geller wants debate between experts. Fine. If Mr. Geller and friends wish to hear an Israeli expert, the community would undoubtedly be pleased to attend any free lecture they offered.

Kathleen Christison

Santa Fe

Assistance overload

In response to the Associated Press story (“Mothers sue over New Mexico’s child care assistance program,” Sept. 27), there is cash assistance, electronic benefit transfer cards for food, Section 8 housing assistance. What else do people want? I understand some work, but in my opinion, a lot of people on welfare use the system for their own benefit. Most are young and can work but are too lazy; then they live on Section 8 assistance, move someone into their home who works and don’t report it.

I am a single mother of one, worked hard all my life and never once asked for any kind of assistance. I lived paycheck to paycheck and struggled, but I saved money and bought a vehicle and finally a house. If you can’t afford kids, then stop having them. All you are doing is teaching your kids that it is OK to live on the welfare system.

Louise C. Baca

Santa Fe

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