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Push for the Playoffs is On

Sean Sweeney CorrespondentMay 20, 2019

Here’s how we see the permutations and calculations for the high school postseason tournaments as we enter the final two weeks of the regular season:


Already in: Fitchburg (9-3, 6 left)

The Red Raiders qualified for the postseason last week, and will now look to build on their seeding in Division 1. A home game for Fitchburg would be appropriate.

Almost there: Leominster (9-6, 5 left), Oakmont Regional (8-4, 5 left), Nashoba Regional (7-4, 9 left), St. Bernard’s (7-7, 6 left), Ayer Shirley Regional (7-5, 6 left)

Leominster and Oakmont each only have to win one more out of their respective final five to qualify. Nashoba and Ayer Shirley have to win two more, and St. Bernard’s has to win three more.

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