Letter: Help make peace reality

November 20, 2018

The photographs of Kyong Jung’s “Walk for Hope and Peace” in May of this year are now on exhibit at the Rochester Art Center through Dec. 30. She walked from Rochester to Bemidji, about 350 miles in 21 days, in part to commemorate her mother’s walk of 323 miles from North to South Korea. She wrote “I walked each step to renew hope for the peace of our future.” The Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27, supported her along with many others who hosted her on her walk.

Our members of Congress can help make Kyong Jung’s hope for peace a reality by publicly supporting and encouraging diplomacy, not war, with North Korea. Only Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war. There is legislation in both houses of Congress that would require the president or the military to come to Congress before any war with Korea. Thanks to Rep.Walz for co-sponsoring the “No Unconstitutional Strike Against North Korea Act.” This House bill along with the Senate version, “Preventing Preemptive War in North Korea,” will not pass this year, but similar legislation will likely be introduced in the next Congress. I would urge the newly elected Representatives Hagedorn and Craig and Senators Klobuchar and Smith to co-sponsor similar legislation when it is introduced.

Congress can do a lot by supporting diplomacy and reasserting its constitutional authority to declare war. Let’s make Kyong Jung’s hope for peace a reality.

Rich Van Dellen, Rochester

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