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Provo Police Arrest Man in Church Bombing

April 19, 1991

PROVO, Utah (AP) _ A man was arrested in three Utah County bombings after investigators traced him through electronics stores’ sales receipts, authorities said.

Jim Bowcutt, 32, of Orem was arrested without incident Thursday when a police SWAT team served a ″no-knock″ search warrant at his home, police said. Chief Swen Nielsen said officers recovered evidence that links him to the Sunday bombing of a Mormon chapel and two incidents earlier this year.

No one was injured in any of the bombings.

Bowcutt was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of manufacturing an infernal machine.

After the church bombing, the detectives began looking through receipts at area Radio Shack electronics stores for components that may have been used in manufacturing an electrically detonated bomb.

The detectives discovered purchases linked to Bowcutt of components such as relays, transistors, switches and timing devices at various stores.

″While the components are widely available, this was not a run-of-the-mill type bomb that a 17-year-old could put together,″ Nielsen said. ″We are still wondering where the man got the knowledge.″

The blast early Sunday shattered two windows at the Grandview Mormon chapel during the early-morning hours, causing up to $4,000 in damage. The chapel was empty at the time.

On Jan. 28, a small bomb explosion at the Orem City Library did no damage. On Feb. 17, a second bomb was found at the Wasatch Mental Health building in Provo; the building was slightly damaged as the device was being defused by the bomb squad.

Detective Dave Bolda said it appears Bowcutt had connections with the agencies in the first two incidents, but he declined to say what the connections were. There was no connection known in the church bombing.

″We don’t even know if he’s Mormon. We are still trying to figure that out,″ he said.

Officials said they did not believe the devices were intended to cause injuries.

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