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Soviet Forces Free Hostages, Disarm Inmates at Jail

August 15, 1990

MOSCOW (AP) _ Security forces Wednesday stormed a jail on the Black Sea, ending a five- day uprising by armed inmates holding guards hostage, Tass reported. It said five people were injured.

The rebellion began Saturday at the jail in Sukhumi, in the Abkhazian autonomous republic in the Caucasus, the news agency said, quoting a KGB statement.

Seven inmates, led by convicted murderer Pyotr Ivanovich Prunchak, took an unspecified number of guards hostage and released 68 inmates from their cells, Tass quoted the secret police as saying. The inmates then broke into a weapons store and seized more than 700 guns and ammunition.

Interior Ministry troops sealed off the prison ward, and officials opened negotiations with the inmates, Tass said.

The inmates demanded a helicopter and van, threatening to kill the hostages, the report said.

″It was decided to implement a thoroughly prepared operation to release the hostages and disarm the criminals,″ the KGB statement was quoted as saying. ″The operation was carried out ... by a special team of operatives from the Soviet KGB and Interior Ministry.

″Despite armed resistance, the hostages were released during the storming of the center, and all bandits were disarmed,″ it said. Injured were a leader of the uprising, two captives, a KGB agent and an Interior Ministry soldier, the statement said.

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