Cell phone tower

January 17, 2019

Editor Daily Times:

During the Waterloo City Council meeting, the AT&T representative also inaccurately portrayed how cellphones work. The radiation from the tower does not, as he said, stay “floating hundreds of feet above our heads.” The phones wouldn’t work if this were the case. The fact that the radiation doesn’t stay floating hundreds of feet above our heads can be seen quite graphically from a visual standpoint when you look at pictures of RF tree damage. A report about that written by a German forester can be found at http://kompetenzinitiative.net/KIT/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2017_Observation_Guide_ENG_FINAL_RED.pdf. It is lay friendly and easy to read with nice photographs to illustrate the points he is making. You can find additional information, pictures and peer-reviewed studies at www.electricalpollution.com/WirelessKillsTrees.html.

Evidence suggests that the tower would have a very detrimental effect on the irreplaceable old oak trees in the park if it is installed. Even more distant towers can cause these problems where the tree is hit by a beam. Trees in Waterloo are already showing damage that suggests the existing towers are taking a toll on them.

Catherine Kleiber


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