Abortion rhetoric is over the top -- Mark K. Allen

May 5, 2019

President Donald Trump has long shown a willingness to use divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. As time passes, his words have become courser and more violent.

His remarks about abortion last week in Wisconsin were over the top, being both divisive and violent. They were targeted to appeal to a small base of people unwilling to accept facts about abortion.

Most of the late-term abortions are tragedies. These cases often involve women or couples planning and looking forward to a new baby -- only to have their dream torn apart by tragedy. Imagine the shock to be told a mother’s health is threatened or to discover the fetus is significantly damaged. Time is often limited and decision are made quickly by necessity. And after a woman or a couple goes through this profoundly sad experience, our president would heap on them his vile words.

President Trump and his base are thoroughly hypocritical about children. This is a man who would tear children from their parents at the border, who would deny health care to children with preexisting health conditions, or who would condone the bombing of children in Yemen.

We cannot be fooled by an opportunist looking to score points with his followers.

Mark K. Allen, Madison