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Disc Jockey Offends Brownies On The Air

March 14, 1989

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) _ Kelly Poritz and Theresa Stolter hoped to sell Girl Scout cookies with an on-air radio taste test, but the 9-year-old Brownies instead were berated and sworn at by the DJ known as the ″shock jock.″

KSJO-FM disc jockey Perry Stone also suggested that the two keep some of the cookie proceeds.

″So get as much cash as you can, OK? You pocket a little bit, you put a $10 bill in your pocket, and you don’t tell anyone. They’ll never know. It’s the all-American way,″ Stone said.

The youngsters were stunned into silence before Kelly replied, ″Brownies have to be honest.″

During the 20-minute interview Friday, Stone also asked the girls to help advertise a car dealership and joked that their parents were in trouble with the law. By that time, Kelly had enough and yelled, ″Be quiet 3/8″

Stone had the Brownies as guests at the request of Girl Scout spokeswoman Ursula Rado.

″It just didn’t click in that this was the Perry Stone. I take the blame,″ Rado said. ″All of Girl Scouting is outraged and shocked. I’m all for free speech, but there has to be some reasonableness.″

Stone, one of the most popular DJs in the area, has been picketed and criticized by listeners who complain he is tasteless, bigoted and offensive. In January, some of his critics launched a campaign to force him off the air and filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

KSJO manager David Baronfeld said he had been out of town all weekend and had only read about the incident in the papers. He said until he has a chance to talk to everyone involved, it was ″too premature to pass judgment.″

The conversation got off to a rocky start when Stone asked the two to help advertise a car dealership.

″Where would you go, young little thing, to get the best deals on cars?″ he asked.

″Who knows?″ replied Kelly.

He also suggested Theresa and Kelly make up a sob story to persuade people to buy cookies and said the two needed money to bail their parents out of jail. Stone told them police had found ″some stuff in the trunk that looked like sugar.″

Kelly’s mother, Cynthia Poritz, said she was appalled. ″Is this guy that desperate for the material that he has to attack Girl Scouts?″ she asked.

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