Bob Bailey: Voters urged to remember experience counts

October 14, 2018

Bob Bailey, 2012 candidate for Cabell County Commission

This is one of a series of columns written by candidates in contested races in the West Virginia general election on Nov. 6.

My name is Bob Bailey. I am a candidate for re-election to the Cabell County Commission. I have been a county commissioner for 24 years. I am currently the president of your commission and I come to work every day to serve and represent the citizens of Cabell County.

I feel that it’s important to tell the public what I have accomplished while in office. I have been a part of building six new ambulance stations, with the latest one being built in Barboursville alongside U.S. 60. This station is state of the art with six bays. I would like to build a station near Greenbottom, which is needed to serve the citizens in that area.

Being a senior citizen, I find that it is important for seniors to socialize with their peers. I have helped build three new senior centers in Cabell County to help satisfy their needs. I have been on the board of directors of CCCSO for over 15 years, working and helping my seniors. I want our seniors to maintain their independence, dignity and quality of living.

As president of Tri-State Transit Authority, I take pride in helping to plan Pullman Plaza. I am a member of HADCO and the Chamber of Commerce. I take pride in helping to build a state-of-the-art 911 center, funding of all fire departments and 24 new fire hydrants. The new fire hydrants will help protect lives and save on fire insurance.

With my leadership, we have improved our recycling program.

Being president for the commission, I take a lot of pride in the growth that is taking place in the county: the new development Tanyard Station located in Barboursville and The Grand Patrician being built by the Hoops Family. Both centers are using the commission’s tax increment financing program.

I think it’s important that my opponent tell the voters if she will work full time or be a part-time commissioner.

I’m really proud that 95 percent of Cabell County has good city water and sewer lines. I think it’s very important for all citizens and economic development in the county.

I’m also on the board of directors of the Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter, where matters are improving. A new director was hired by the board. We are moving forward to privatizing the care and sheltering of the animals.

I am a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served my country overseas and received a meritorious commendation for good work. I’m a former teacher and coach in the Cabell County public education system and I support the teachers and service personnel in all their needs. I’m a graduate of Marshall University with a B.A. and an M.A. in education administration. I’m a son of Marshall University and proud of it.

As a commissioner, I stand up for and support families and I am very transparent. I am a full-time working commissioner. My opponent and I disagree on many of her voting issues, such as teacher rights, right to work, prevailing wage, carry and conceal weapons training and the spaying and neutering of animals. She has taken money from Big Pharma to help advance their drug agenda. I am a very conservative commissioner who helps keep the county budget balanced. I work hard to serve the citizens of Cabell County, who are my boss. I have been endorsed by FOP Lodge 122, FOP Gold Star Lodge 65, SEIU, WV Labor Council and County Commissioner Jim Morgan. I ask you to remember one thing before you vote: “There Is No Substitute for Experience.”

Thank you.

Bob Bailey, a resident of Huntington, is a Democratic candidate for Cabell County Commission.

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