Greed will lead to Trump’s downfall -- Lee D. Anderson

October 1, 2018

The rats are fleeing a sinking ship and will soon devour one another. Collusion may not be an impeachable offense, but money laundering surely is. President Richard Nixon was undone by extreme paranoia. President Donald Trump’s fall will be initiated by insatiable greed.

Trump fails to grasp that the Founding Fathers had extensive experience in dealing with crazed tyrants and created a rule of law that would forever protect us from them. President Trump will in time be facing a man who cannot be bribed and most assuredly will never be intimidated.

If those who care for the party of Abraham Lincoln, Robert La Follette and Teddy Roosevelt want to wrest control of it from the likes of Trump, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and Paul Ryan, they should consider selecting Robert Mueller as their next presidential candidate.

Lee D. Anderson, Middleton

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