Your Style: John Poe

September 30, 2018

Life is not only good, but great, says John Poe, noting, “My wife and I moved out to Oronoco four years ago as we had just become empty nesters. We moved to the country!”

In fact, says Poe, who is associate administrator for Practice Administration at Mayo Clinic, life has always been what he and his family hoped when relocating here nearly 20 years ago. That family includes his wife, Kimberly, their daughter, Kristin, and son, Justin.

It was just after completing an MBA and while working for a health care system in Albuquerque, N.M., Poe explains, that “I was contacted by a recruiting firm asking if I would be interested in moving to Rochester, Minn. My wife had a strong background in nursing and was very mobile. My kids were both very young, and if there was a good time to move, it was then. So we moved to the cornfields of Minnesota.

“For the first 11 years, both kids and I were involved with soccer,” Poe said. “The years of coaching were so rewarding. I still have a picture of our last team of U19 years in my office. It is always great to run into one of them working at the clinic. I would not be surprised if I worked for one of them one of these days.

“Rochester was everything we expected, especially for raising our kids. We could have done without the long winters, though.”

How do you describe your style?

Tough question. So I asked my wife and daughter for help describing my style: Style mainly consists of modern-day business professional and sporty-relaxed on the weekends.

Where did your style originate?

Throughout my professional careers. And with a big help from my wife, and also my daughter — always keeping me up with the “in” for my sporty-relaxed side. Especially my shoes!

Would you tell us a little more about help from Kimberly?

One day, she commented on the fact that I did not match. I said something like, “then just tell me what to wear.” Since that day, she sets out my shirt, tie and suit. I have no complaints and appreciate all her help. I make sure to give her credit when someone comments on my dress.

How has your style changed with your stages or roles in life?

My style has been pretty consistent over the years.

What do you hope your style communicates?

When working, I hope my style communicates that I am confident, successful and approachable. I want my style to be a part of me but not all of me. I served on our Dress and Decorum committee for years. My message has always been that the style should not be the focal point or the distraction. It is always more important that we connect with others via conversation. I want to intrigue them with the dress but connect with them through conversation.

What do you wear when working and then beyond?

Working attire is a suit and tie — always color-coordinating, thanks to my wife. Casual attire, blue jeans and a Henley shirt. Weekend attire: khaki shorts, blue jeans and a sporty T-shirt — Vikings or anything soccer related — or long-sleeve T-shirt.

The most essential components in your wardrobe?

Fashionable ties, belt and comfortable but stylish shoes.

What should every well-dressed man have?

A variety of ties, patterned or solid colors, watch, belt and fun socks.

Would you tell us about your watches?

I have an Apple watch, but I do have another favorite watch — a watch my kids give me one Christmas. I don’t wear it much so that I don’t damage it — I tend to talk with my hands.

Any other keepsakes?

Yes, I have a pair of handmade shoes my uncle from Italy gave me before he passed away.

Item your family or friends joke about?

My socks sometimes, because they are fun and crazy dress socks or “too high” with my shorts.

What did you try to teach your children about style?

Always be respectful and dress with confidence and express yourself.

Parting thoughts?

Have your wife dress you! And dress for success but also comfort!

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