Video calling system adds another level of security at Splendora High School

January 18, 2019

On Jan. 21, additional security measures will begin at Splendora High School. The main entrance has been equipped with a two-way video calling system and card readers to provide another layer of security for students and employees.

Over the past few months, video calling systems and card readers have been installed at all Splendora ISD campuses as part of the District and Campus Security Plan. The high school will be the first campus to begin using the new technology. Employees will now swipe their technology-embedded cards to gain entry into the building, while parents and visitors will need to use the video calling system at the main entrance doors. After pressing the video call button, office personnel may ask visitors for identification and purpose of visit. Office personnel can then press a button to unlock the door or deny access.

“The safety and security of our staff and students remains our top priority. These additional measures, along with the diligence of our Splendora ISD police and staff, will provide us with an additional layer of security and response,” said Superintendent Dr. Jeff Burke. “We will continue to explore every option and avenue available in our continued efforts to keep our students and staff safe from harm,” he added.

Other campuses will begin these safety protocols once all staff have received their keyless entry badges.

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