Attacks on Evers are sensationalism -- Peter Burke

September 1, 2018

State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers is being attacked for decisions he made about revoking teachers’ licenses.

I have known Evers since 1986. I also served as the director of teacher licensing for the Department of Public Instruction, responsible for the investigation of revocation cases for three state superintendents prior to Evers election to that office. The attack ads being run by Evers’ opponent on this issue are spurious, specious sensationalism at its worst.

My experience in license revocation, and the facts of the cases used in the campaign ads, show that Evers followed the law -- and is being attacked for that. Sad. Would that more elected officials knew -- and followed -- the law. What the ads omit is that Evers worked with the legislature to change that law so superintendents would be be able to revoke licenses in similar situations in the future.

He is proactive when it comes to children and schools, and when he is governor, he will be equally proactive for all Wisconsin citizens on health care, transportation, the environment, and welfare for the elderly, poor and disabled.

He has my confidence and my vote.

Peter Burke, Madison

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