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August 9, 2018

ASBURY PARK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / August 9, 2018 / Anyone who owns a vehicle knows the stress of unexpected auto repairs. Companies like Liberty Auto Warranty have made a business out of providing people with worry-free auto ownership through superior warranty coverage plans. In partnership with administration company Palmer Administration, Liberty Auto Warranty has become an industry leader in the auto-warranty industry through their superior customer service and flexible coverage plans.

Liberty Protection Auto Program Coverage Plans

Liberty Auto wants their customers to experience worry-free auto ownership. With their numerous coverage plans to choose from and flexible financing options, Liberty has a plan to suit every vehicle, budget, and coverage need.

MFG Wrap Coverage Plan

The Liberty MFG Coverage plan provides comprehensive coverage including a vehicle’s transmission, engine, exterior damage, tires, rear- and four-wheel drive, air conditioning and heating systems, electrical and brake systems, labor, rental, and roadside assistance.

Powertrain Plus

The Powertrain Plus coverage plan provides coverage on repairs and services including the engine, transmission system, wheels, windshield and exterior damage, rear- and four-wheel drive, air conditioning and heating systems, electrical, brakes and steering systems, labor, gaskets, rental, and roadside assistance.

Powertrain Coverage

The Powertrain coverage plan includes coverage on services and repairs involving the engine, transmission system, rear- and front-wheel drive, gaskets, rental, labor, and roadside assistance.

Palmer Administration

Palmer Administrative Services Inc. ( PalmerAdmin.com ) is a leader in superior auto protection. They strive to meet the auto-protection needs of their clients one customizable, flexible, and affordable coverage plan at a time: Elite Exclusionary Plan, Royal Select Plan, Premier Plan, Classic Plan, Powertrain Plan, and the Basic Plan.

Palmer is the administration company to align with for companies like Liberty Auto who want to continue setting the industry standard when it comes to providing their clients with peace of mind. Assessing what kind of coverage is best is as simple as visiting palmeradmin.com and www.libertyautowarranty.com/ to find the most customizable and affordable coverage plan.

Liberty Auto Claims Process

Liberty Auto is more than aware of how disruptive it is to have a vehicle in the shop for any amount of time. In order to better serve their customers, they have made their claims process as reliable and efficient as possible. Liberty Auto Warranty is honored by all dealers and repair shops across the nation. Liberty pays their claims straight to the shop to save their clients valuable time and money.

Liberty’s master technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and efficient. In addition, the Liberty repair shops and dealers have additional warranty protection to back up the quality of their materials and workmanship. The claims process that Liberty has established was designed with the customer in mind. Not only is all work by dealers and repair shops backed up by additional warranty coverage, the claims are moved through as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

Liberty Auto’s administrative arm, Palmer Administration, gives Liberty the tools, policies, and plans they need to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. The flexibility and affordability of the Liberty coverage plans suit every vehicle type and budget, and the claims process was designed to meet the needs of the customer so they can get their vehicle back as quickly as possible. Liberty Auto selected Palmer to be their administrative arm as their goal was in line with Liberty Auto’s primary purpose of providing potential peace of mind to their customers one coverage plan at a time.

SOURCE: Liberty Automotive Protection

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