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Lewinsky Tell-All Stirs Interest

January 29, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Orders are piling up for ``Monica’s Story″ _ the story she wants to tell.

The book by British writer Andrew Morton on Monica Lewinsky, based on exclusive interviews with her, has begun selling briskly on the Web sites of two major online booksellers, in advance of its expected release in late February.

Well before the blizzard of publicity, including a Barbara Walters interview with Ms. Lewinsky designed to be shown near the time of the book’s release, ``Monica’s Story″ on Friday stood at 59 on the new weekly list of top 100 bestsellers at the Barnes and Noble site.

Amazon.com, meanwhile, ranked the book 657th in sales at one point Friday, which spokesman Bill Curry called a strong showing for an unpublished book. The rankings of Amazon.com’s 10,000 most popular titles reflect sales over the previous 24 hours and change every hour.

Barnes and Noble is telling readers the 288-page book will be available Feb. 21; Amazon.com says only that it will be published late in the month.

Publicity surrounding the book may be complicated by terms of her immunity deal with independent counsel Kenneth Starr barring Ms. Lewinsky from speaking to the news media about her relationship with President Clinton without approval from Starr’s office.

Ms. Lewinsky is trying to win legal clearance to go ahead with the Walters interview. But the immunity deal has not been an obstacle to the book.

Morton, a biographer of the late Princess Diana, is quoted in publicity material as saying the woman he came to know bears little resemblance to her public image.

``The Monica I discovered is a bright, lively, and witty young woman who bears the scars of her continuing public shaming, but remains undefeated.″

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