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Embassy issues list of Americans known dead in quake With Mexico-Quake

September 30, 1985

MEXICO CITY (AP) _ The U.S. Embassy released this list Monday of nine Americans known to have died in the two earthquakes that struck Mexico City on Sept. 19 and 20:

-Mary Elizabeth Vallejo, a long-time resident of Mexico from Cozad, Neb., and her children, Ilse Anne and Alonso.

-Georgina M. Yunez of San Antonio, Texas. Embassy spokesman said her 10- month-old son also was killed, but had not been registered at the embassy as a U.S. citizen.

-Bruce Sloan of Newmarket, N.H.

-Ivan and Iraida Ducus of Puerto Rico.

-Joyce Albertha Moguel of New York, N.Y.

-Emery Takacs of Huntington Beach, Calif.

Spokesman Vince Hovanec said the embassy had a list of Americans presumed to have been in one of six Mexico City hotels that collapsed in the quakes, but their names were being withheld until their status was confirmed.

He said the embassy had no reports of hospitalized American citizens.

The names of the 24 missing people come from relatives in the United States or Mexico, or from survivors who were in the hotels, Hovanec said.

He said embassy and consular personnel had checked with hospitals, morgues and shelters within a 100-mile radius of Mexico City.

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