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A Living from a Spring

February 9, 1987

CHURCHSTANTON, England (AP) _ To make a living, the Gupwells merely turn on a faucet in their house in the Blackdown Hills of Somerset.

Out comes water from a spring that tastes so pure they sell 2.6-pint bottles for 40 cents each. They received an order from Brunei for 104,000 bottles annually at the bulk rate of $15,000.

John Gupwell, 61, said when he and his wife, Erica, moved into the house eight years ago they found it was fed by spring water out of a well dated 1799. Relatives and friends said they liked the taste of the water so much the couple began selling it six months ago.

″It’s popular with whisky drinkers and health enthusiasts because it has no additives like chlorine,″ The Times of London quoted Gupwell as saying. ″It’s very cold and very clear and totally natural.″

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