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Baby Found. Baby Found. Raaaaaaaaaack. Baby Found

July 12, 1989

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The case of the purloined parrot ended happily nearly two weeks after the birdnapping of Magda Wilson’s 43-year-old feathered friend.

The 80-year-old Ms. Wilson on Monday night was reunited with her Amazon parrot named Baby, thanks to some amateur detective work.

″I was so happy, I just can’t tell you,″ Ms. Wilson said Tuesday. ″When I first saw him, I just wanted to take him and run. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. Just run.″

Ms. Wilson said Baby, whose wings are clipped, was stolen July 1 from her perch outside her Santa Monica home. She told police she had seen a man in a red jacket in the area minutes before she realized Baby was missing.

Ms. Wilson got Baby 39 years ago, and the two have kept each other company since Ms. Wilson’s husband died in 1971.

News reports of Baby’s disappearance reached a woman who said she was approached by a man trying to sell a parrot matching Baby’s description.

The woman told Ms. Wilson she had refused to buy the bird because she thought it was stolen, but that she knew a man who did buy it.

At first, Ms. Wilson didn’t know what to think.

″Those last few days I was getting very unsure about things,″ she said. ″I didn’t know if I’d ever see him.″

But with the woman’s help, Ms. Wilson tracked down the man with the bird, and a meeting was arranged for Monday night.

Ms. Wilson drove to the site with family members and a police officer, and sure enough, the man had her Baby.

They gave him the $100 he paid for the bird and gave an $80 reward to the woman tipster.

No arrest was made because there was no evidence the man knowingly bought a stolen bird, said Santa Monica police Lt. Richard Johncola.

When Ms. Wilson got home, she pulled out the cage she had put in storage because she couldn’t bear to see it empty.

Baby hopped back in.

″I’m so very happy now, you couldn’t believe it. He’s finally back,″ she said.

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