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Tensions mount as Mexican union holds rail lines hostage

January 28, 2019

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Tensions are mounting in Mexico over stalled commerce as a teachers’ union protest nears its second week of blocking rail lines and cargo that connect with key Pacific Coast ports.

Communications and Transport Minister Javier Jimenez urged the union and government of Michoacan state via Twitter on Sunday to resolve the dispute before it causes further damage to companies and the Mexican economy.

Michoacan Gov. Silvano Aureoles shot back that rail lines fall under the jurisdiction of the national government and urged federal authorities to remove the protesters.

The federal government transferred 200 million pesos ($10.5 million) to Michoacan this month so it could meet the teachers’ demands.

Mexican business chamber Concamin has tallied losses of more than 10 billion pesos ($526 million) from the rail blockage.

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